How to create and delete Contacts?

Click the "Personal Contacts" link in function list on the left side of current page,then you can enter into Contacts page.
Click "New Contacts" in the upper left of the Contacts,and you can creat new contacts.
If you'd like to delete address information,please select Contacts.Then click the button "Delete" below the page.An dialog box read "Are you sure to delete these addresses?" will be popped up.Click the "Yes",you can delete the selected address information.

How to use Personal Contacts?

Select the contact's name and Email address in the Contacts list and click "More" to check "operation" column on the right side:
1)Click "Compose Mail" linked to the Compose Mail Page,and fill in address field with this contact's address automatically.
2)Click "List Mail",then you can see all the mail from this contact.
3)Click "Edit Contacts", you can change this contact's information.
4)Click "Copy to groups" or "Move to groups" drop-down list,and select the group you'd like to then you can copy or move contacts to specified Contact Groups.

How to search Contacts' address in Personal Contacts fast?

The fast search feature is above the Contacts page.
You can select the group belong to the contact in the upper left in order to narrow and find the contact's address you need.

How to sort information in "Contacts" out to the groups?

The Managing Contacts feature is in the lower left of Personal Contacts Page.Select a contact,and click "Add" or "Move" to Contacts' Group(Friend,Family,Colleague,Net friend,etc.)

How to create and delete Contact Groups?

Click "Create Groups" below the navigation bar on the left side and enter the group name.Then add contacts selected from the existing contacts and click "Yes".
If you'd like to delete Contact Groups,click "Delete" behind the group,then an dialog box read "Are you sure to delete these addresses?" will be popped up.You can click "Yes" and the select group list will be deleted.

How to change Contact Groups?

Click "Managing Contact Groups" above the navigation bar,and enter into Managing Contact Groups page.All current Contact Groups and the number of contacts in the a group will be displayed,and user can create,delete,rename,and clear in this page,except for system default groups.Click the Contact Group name you can enter into Contact list of this group.
Click "Managing Contact Groups" in the Personal Contacts page,and list the current Contact Groups.AS shown in picture.

Hstyle:Click "Managing Contact Group" to manage.

How to search precisely and print Contacts?

Click "Search" in the upper left of Personal Contacts,then search according to name,email address,and company,etc.And the search result will be sorted on the basis of certain rules.

How to import and export Personal Contacts?

The steps of importing Contacts as following:
1) Click "More",select file you'd like to import.
2) Select the import format.
3) Select "Not import reduplicate record" or "Cover reduplicate record"
4) Click "Start to import" to finish all the operation.

The steps of exporting Contacts:Select export format,and click "Start to export".Click "Save" in the popped-up dialog box,and select the path of the file you'd like to save and click "Save" to finish all the operation.