What is Virus Messages,can my mailbox handle them?

Virus Messages is applets embedded in attachments generally.When you are careless to download and open this kind of attachment,the virus is executed and copy itself to more normal programs automaticall to attack your computer.
Coremail system has internally installed ClamAV,a free clean virus engine.It can help to scan all the virus messages you receive.If you find virus after scan attachment,you can delete this virus message or contact the sender.And request he send the attachment again after cleaned virus by antivirus software.
If you buy and install Sphos clean virus engine,the system not only help you scan the virus message,but also clean virus from virus messages without any effect for you mail.

How should I set Anti-Virus Settings?

If your system has Sophos clean virus engine,you can activate your anti-virus message feature by following steps below:
1) Click "Settings" on the Webmail page to enter into Settings page,and select "Security settings";
2) Click "Anti-Virus" on "Security settings" page to enter into Setting page.
3) You can costomize some settings for anti-virus feature,and click "Yes".