What is User Self-search?

User Self-search is an practical features in the upper letf of mailbox.It provide status search about sent mails and loggins(if you buy File Transit Center value-added service,you can also search Transit Center situation).They can make user understand real-time status about mail delivery and system loggin these seven days.

Can I check the history of my logging in mailbox?

Yes.For protecting the security of mailbox, you can click "Loggin Search" in the upper left of the Webmail page.You can check your IP address of loggin mailbox,date,and result of loggin within 7 days.

Can I know whether the receiver receive and read email from me?

You can click "Sent Mails Search" in the upper left of Webmail page.If the recevivers are not the local users,you can only check whether the mail was delivered to receviver's mailbox;if the receviers are the local user,you can also check whether the mail was read.